According to a recent statistical data, there are around 4.9 billion social media
users in the world and the numbers are set to grow steadily with time. As we are
turning more towards digitalization, one thing is for certain and that is the hunger
to get “viral”. That applies for both at an individual and a brand perspective.
Understanding the power of social media and leveraging it’s maximum potential is
a given and businesses who take advantage of this will the reap the tastiest fruit.
With today’s digital age, brands are fighting to stay in the limelight among their
audiences and fighting for attention and recognition in this digital sphere. Among
this fierce competition, we have a win-win situation for fueling the growth of a
company and that is none other than an “Influencer”. Ten years ago, the term
influencer marketing was an alienated concept and fast forward today, most of
the brands allocate a certain budget just for them.

What is an Influencer?

An influencer is someone who has an impact on a particular person on a certain
decision and in our case it’s more on the brand side of influencing among users.
Whether it’s the newest skincare product launched by a company or the latest
hack for draping a saree , they have it sorted out. Brands collaborate with them to
get more reach and conversions for promotional purposes or creating a certain
sentiment among users.

Social Media And Influencer marketing

According to an authoritative body in the Dubai, UAE, the country has one of the highest
smartphone users in the world and also social media penetration is comparatively
higher than many countries. This has contributed brands to have a deeper
connection among their audiences enabling users to stay entertained and well-
informed about them. In the landscape of digital marketing today, influencer
marketing is a topic, not be skipped. An influencer can actually make or break
your brand as they have a certain power vested among their target audiences as
people trust people more than brands.

Earlier celebrities used to be a pinnacle for representing brands on the forefront
but this ecosystem has changed in recent years as more and more companies are

inclining towards these influencers for the latest campaigns or launching of a new
product. The influencer and content creator industry stands at a staggering worth
of 21.1 billion US dollars and is estimated to skyrocket in the new future. Whether
you are a brand or an aspiring influencer hopping in the bandwagon is only going
to fetch you excellent results in the long run.

Case Study in Influencer Marketing

EMIRATES: Emirates is among the most prominent companies of UAE and one of
their successful marketing strategies lasted a great influence among the
audiences and something for brands in their niche to learn from. They
collaborated with travel and lifestyle influencers with free, luxurious trips to
exotic destinations sharing this on social media which persuaded followers to
book trips exceedingly.

HUDA BEAUTY: Huda Khatan, a widely known persona in the beauty industry has
managed to captivate the audience’s attention with her charisma and most
importantly her extensively popular brand, Huda Beauty. She’s originally from
Dubai, UAE and has been in the makeup ecosystem for a significant amount of
time. This entrepreneur cum beauty mogul is a great example of someone who
brands can do a case study on and well she has leveraged social media and
influencers to build a multi-million dollar business.

We are now well-informed that influencer marketing has been nothing short of a
success in this digital sphere and UAE has flawlessly created this ecosystem to
thrive for both users and brands. This industry will keep expanding as more and
more people have shown immense love and support towards these people and
feel directed towards a brand’s outlook.

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